Heidi Suri

Regional Director

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Heidi Suri is a dynamic professional who brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role as the Regional Director of Abacus Solutions Group in the Carolinas. Joining the Abacus team in 2021 as a Program Manager for the Charlotte, NC market, Heidi quickly made her mark with her strategic vision and dedication to excellence. In her capacity as Program Manager, Heidi played a pivotal role in the success of Abacus Solutions Group, overseeing operations, spearheading recruitment efforts, and fostering strong client relationships. Her commitment to delivering top-notch solutions and her ability to navigate the complexities of the industry led to her promotion to Regional Director in 2022. As Regional Director, Heidi now leads and guides all aspects of Abacus Solutions Group's operations in the Carolinas. Her visionary leadership has been instrumental in driving growth and ensuring the highest standards of service delivery. Heidi and her team are dedicated to supporting clients with a comprehensive range of staffing solutions, including long-term direct hires and contract roles.

Heidi Suri's professional journey is characterized by a passion for excellence, a strategic mindset, and a commitment to building lasting relationships. With a proven track record of success, she continues to make significant contributions to the success and reputation of Abacus Solutions Group.
Heidi Suri is not just a leader within the Abacus team; she is a driving force behind the continued success and growth of Abacus Solutions Group in the Carolinas.

  • “We chose Abacus to support us in our seasonal hiring initiative – we found their workforce full of energy and eager to grow. We were very happy to have hired directly 25% of the seasonal workers and look forward to their long-term contribution in our organization.”

    -Molly, Distribution Center Human Resources Director
  • “I moved to the area with my wife to support her in her new job and found myself out of work for the first time. Abacus was able, within days, to find a new role where I was able to bring my talents and grow in ways, I never imagined were possible.”

    -Mike, Baltimore, MD
  • “We have found that be counting on Abacus for our staff recruiting needs, our internal team is able to focus on our core mission and spend less time searching for qualified candidates. Our relationship manager is there for us every step of the way and we look forward to our future with Abacus.”

    -Eva, Call Center Director
  • “After my enlistment in the Air Force ended and I returned home, I found Abacus who helped me begin the next phase of my life. I was placed in a position with a Fortune 500 company and after several months I was promoted into a long-term position. I look forward to growing as a professional and bringing my experience and training to support this new mission.”

    -Andre, Atlanta, GA
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