COVID-19 Disinfection Program – Professional Janitorial


The outbreak of the coronavirus in the United States is forcing fundamental changes in the way people interact within public and private spaces. As buildings repopulate, building owners, tenants and property managers will have increased demand for thorough, well thought out cleaning programs. Along with the standard cleaning responsibilities that have long been expected, ABACUS provides disinfection services for many office items on various frequencies. Working with our client’s, Abacus perform these disinfection services based on the client’s scheduled requirements: daily, weekly or other.

Disinfection services to include physical wipe downs of commonly touched items in office areas, using a hospital grade disinfectant and microfiber cloths to perform these services. The items listed below are all-inclusive and can be adjusted to fit your needs.

• Doorknobs and levers
• Door push plates
• Light switches
• Hand railings
• Reception/security desks
• Keyboards and mouse
• Elevator buttons (inside cab & elevator lobby)
• Thermostats
• Copier buttons/control panels
• Desktop surfaces
• Sink levers
• Water fountain controls
• Refrigerator/microwave doors & handles
• Coffee station controls and filter basket handles
• All appliance handles and buttons
• Counters and tabletops
• Vending machine surfaces
• Cubicle work surfaces
• Chair arms
• Telephone receivers
• Drawer handles
• Conference tables and chair arms
• Interior glass partitions
• Complete restroom disinfection including fixtures and partitions

Abacus also provides disinfecting service that utilizes a fogging method to treat all exposed areas in an office environment. A very fine mist or fog is applied to all hard and soft areas using a “green” botanical antimicrobial disinfectant called Benefect Decon 30, approved by the CDC as an effective disinfectant against COVID-19. Fogging services can be performed at the client’s desired frequency.

“Bioremediation services” are available in response to a potential or confirmed positive COVID-19 exposure case. Our team responds in CDC required PPE including full-face respirators and performs a direct wipe down of all high touch points and hard-surfaced areas, followed up by a complete fogging operation to treat soft surfaced areas like carpeting and upholstered furniture. This level utilizes Benefect Decon 30.

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  • “We chose Abacus to support us in our seasonal hiring initiative – we found their workforce full of energy and eager to grow. We were very happy to have hired directly 25% of the seasonal workers and look forward to their long-term contribution in our organization.”

    -Molly, Distribution Center Human Resources Director
  • “I moved to the area with my wife to support her in her new job and found myself out of work for the first time. Abacus was able, within days, to find a new role where I was able to bring my talents and grow in ways, I never imagined were possible.”

    -Mike, Baltimore, MD
  • “We have found that be counting on Abacus for our staff recruiting needs, our internal team is able to focus on our core mission and spend less time searching for qualified candidates. Our relationship manager is there for us every step of the way and we look forward to our future with Abacus.”

    -Eva, Call Center Director
  • “After my enlistment in the Air Force ended and I returned home, I found Abacus who helped me begin the next phase of my life. I was placed in a position with a Fortune 500 company and after several months I was promoted into a long-term position. I look forward to growing as a professional and bringing my experience and training to support this new mission.”

    -Andre, Atlanta, GA
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