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Founded in 1989, Abacus Staffing serves a wide array of clients and industries and employs over 20,000 employees annually. Our employees work in over 250 separate job titles for thousands of clients throughout the United States. Our team of staffing professionals continually attract, recruit, assess and validate hundreds of thousands of applicants annually to find the best qualified candidates for our clients.

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Abacus Solutions Group (ASG) provides high-level, flexible staffing solutions for clients in a variety of industries nationwide in both the public and private sectors. Relying on the core principles of Abacus, ASG partners with clients in information technology, healthcare, finance, and other industries to identify select candidates to join your team.Using a specialized consultative process, the ASG team works hand in hand with you to complement your team.

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Abacus Security Services is licensed professional security agency that serves diverse clients in the mid-Atlantic. Our leadership and management include seasoned professionals from law enforcement, public safety, military, and private security. Our clients include universities, private schools, commercial and retail operations as well as government sites.

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Abacus Janitorial Services was our first offering – first formed in 1944. Coming from humble beginnings of cleaning and maintenance, we have learned the value of hard work and the importance of attention to detail. Though a much different company from our founding, Abacus Janitorial continues to be a leader in the commercial janitorial market.

  • “We chose Abacus to support us in our seasonal hiring initiative – we found their workforce full of energy and eager to grow. We were very happy to have hired directly 25% of the seasonal workers and look forward to their long-term contribution in our organization.”

    -Molly, Distribution Center Human Resources Director
  • “I moved to the area with my wife to support her in her new job and found myself out of work for the first time. Abacus was able, within days, to find a new role where I was able to bring my talents and grow in ways, I never imagined were possible.”

    -Mike, Baltimore, MD
  • “We have found that be counting on Abacus for our staff recruiting needs, our internal team is able to focus on our core mission and spend less time searching for qualified candidates. Our relationship manager is there for us every step of the way and we look forward to our future with Abacus.”

    -Eva, Call Center Director
  • “After my enlistment in the Air Force ended and I returned home, I found Abacus who helped me begin the next phase of my life. I was placed in a position with a Fortune 500 company and after several months I was promoted into a long-term position. I look forward to growing as a professional and bringing my experience and training to support this new mission.”

    -Andre, Atlanta, GA
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