Complete Management of Your Staffing Program

Abacus provides complete vendor management services to streamline order fulfillment and administration of your contingent workforce program.

As a part of our vendor management services (VMS), we assumes primary responsibility for managing your staffing partners, standardizing labor/bill rates and providing reporting and analytics to help you make informed decisions about your contingent labor needs.

When you engage our VMS platform, Abacus will serve as the primary service provider or vendor manager offering a focused, single-source option to manage all your staffing and service-related functions. By consolidating services, we can provide our customers with a convenient, cost-effective and streamlined service model. As part of our VMS offering, Abacus will:

  • Manage and consolidate all staffing functions, providing our customers with a single point of contact for their staffing program
  • Assign an experienced corporate implementation team to determine staffing cycles, technology needs, reporting requirements and communication goals
  • Implement price controls and discount incentives to increase cost effectiveness of the staffing program
  • Eliminate inconsistencies across suppliers in wages, benefits, mark-ups and invoicing
  • Promote the participation of diversity vendors who share our business goals and commitment to quality
  • Provide on-demand reporting options to capture critical usage information and evaluate staffing service and workforce performance


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