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Comprehensive Management of your Workforce Program

Abacus offers managed services to monitor and manage your contingent workforce program, so you can focus on what matters most – your business.

We have all the workforce solutions your business needs, plus the project management experience and support you won’t find anywhere else.  By using our Managed Services, you will benefit from reduced risk, comprehensive geographic coverage, predictable costs and, most importantly, an effective contingent workforce service experience.


Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing support and non-core functions is an ideal way for companies to compete in today’s competitive business environment. At Abacus, we work closely with our customers evaluate and analyze desired outsource tasks and offer effective options to staff and manage such functions. As a part of our outsourcing programs, we:

  • Develop a partnership with customer management to understand outsource goals
  • Recruit and employ talent to support outsourced functions, offering a cost effective alternative to employment of a permanent workforce
  • Offer comprehensive solutions to co-employment issues
  • Maintain service flexibility to address peaks and ebbs in the business cycle
  • Focus on productivity, quality and cost effectiveness


Vendor on Premise Services

When you engage our vendor on premise (VOP) services, Abacus provides total hands-on management and administration of your contingent workforce. Our expert program management team are present at your facility to coordinate the entire program, from initial recruitment to on-boarding and workforce management services.

Abacus has decades of experience running effective VOP programs and currently have on-site programs at multiple production driven customer sites, nationally. Components of our VOP services include:

  • Flexibility. Based on scope of the customer’s operations, we provide an individual or team to manage the program. Our recruiting and workforce retention expertise means that we can add or remove staff as necessary to support business cycle fluctuations.
  • Program Administration. Our program focuses on creating standard operational procedures which include facility set-up services, employee on-boarding and pre-placement training, payrolling, time collection and tracking, performance, safety, security and all employment-related services.
  • Performance Management. Our on premise management team is trained to handle the daily needs of our employees. We monitor both management and employee performance metrics and will provide customized reporting to measure success against defined customer benchmarks.


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