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Abacus: Experience, Commitment & Value

The Greatest Experience

Founded in 1944 by Jesse McGee, Abacus originally entered the marketplace as a commercial janitorial and maintenance service provider in the Baltimore-Washington corridor. More than six decades later, Abacus is now a much more complex organization offering a rich variety of corporate services throughout the United States. 

Following the same principles that we were founded on: hard work, dedicated service and relationships of trust, we continue to be owned and led by the McGee family: Richard McGee, Sr. (son of Jesse McGee) and his two sons, Richard McGee, Jr. and Devin McGee. 

With more than 5,000 employees throughout the United States, Abacus’ growth is a testament to the dedication of our service workers, value of our services, and vision of our leadership.  With an active role in day-to-day management, the leadership team understands what makes Abacus the “Employer of Choice:” competitive pay, financial stability, opportunities for advancement and growth as well as real, tangible benefits. 

Many of our relationships with our clients date back for more than 20 years.  The average tenure of our relationships is three to four times the respective industries average!

Though our headquarters is in Baltimore, Maryland, through strategic placement of regional and district offices, supported by recruiting centers and on-site offices, Abacus has phenomenal reach throughout the United States.  State of the art technology has enabled us to be efficient and productive whether in Maryland, Florida, California, or even in Guam!

We are known by the company that we keep!  Abacus’ client base includes but is not limited to: federal, state and local government entities, Fortune 500 companies, universities, hospitals, retailers, property management companies and third-party logistics providers.

The Greatest Commitment

Our commitment to our client relationships may be taken so seriously due to our longevity in the industry.  We view our accounts and make our decisions not on what is good for Abacus today, or this quarter, but what will best serve the success of the account.  Service providers regularly refer to themselves as “partners” with their clients, even when the actions do not equal the definition. 

We truly do see our relationships as partnerships; we will only be as successful as our clients are!  One of many real-world examples includes an on-site staffing relationship where the client had two vendors.  Each vendor, Abacus and a publicly-traded international staffing agency, had an on-site coordinator.  During a seasonal slow-down for the client where the need for personnel decreased significantly, the client requested that Abacus and the other staffing agency continue to provide their on-site coordinator until the work levels resumed as they were valuable assets. 

True to our word and acting out of the long-term best interest of the account, we kept our on-site coordinator as requested while the publicly-traded international staffing agency removed their key person.  While this action likely helped the competitor’s quarterly numbers, it made it clear to the client to know which vendor truly understood what a “partnership” meant.

One practice that sets Abacus apart is that we have no “salespeople,” rather we employ “Account Executives.”  Our Account Executives include a tenured group of dedicated individuals who are responsible for all aspects of their respective accounts. 

The Abacus Account Executive is the primary “point person” responsible to understand all of the client needs, develop a service plan that addresses those needs, works with Abacus operations personnel in implementing the service plan.  He or she then serves as the primary point of contact and advocate for the client. 

Clients that use several different types of services, i.e. logistics staffing AND security guard services have one dedicated point-of-contact and can benefit from vendor consolidation allowing the client to focus on their primary job responsibilities.

Abacus also demonstrates our commitment to identifying, recruiting and assigning the best resources to our client accounts.  This starts with specialized recruiting, testing to measure skills, background checks, drug tests, reference checks, etc. 

Abacus believes in offering livable, competitive wages to our employees, real, tangible benefits and great opportunities for advancement.  Our employees are our best recruiters as we strive to be “The Employer of Choice.” The Abacus “Employee Referral Program” has had incredible succession since its inception in 1997.  All Abacus employees who refer individuals who are hired are eligible to receive a bonus once the referred employee completes 200 hours of work!

In the corporate services world the one constant is change.  No company can boast greater success at “transitioning” large workforces than Abacus.  Our trademarked “Transition Team” works with workforces at client location to collect the necessary information and provide the needed message to ensure a seamless transition.

The Greatest Value

Abacus provides the highest quality services at the most competitive pricing.  There are several factors that allow us to be so competitive, including:

  • Being privately owned, we pay no franchise fees.  When pricing jobs, many competitors start at a disadvantage as they must account for franchise fees.  This savings for our clients can be as much as 5% immediately.
  • With our resources we perform 100% of our payroll processing in house.  This includes check generation, Direct Deposits, funding debit pay cards, mailings, creating W2’s, etc.  Many competitors outsource these functions at a cost to you. 
  • With a high volume of employees and applicants, Abacus has taken background checks in-house, offering the highest quality screenings at wholesale prices, offering an immediate savings to our clients.
  • With our client tenure three to four times the national averages and a long-term view of client relationships, we do not feel a need to make a large profit up front, rather we have found success in working within smaller margins for long-term periods.
  • Our built-in economies guarantee maximum value.

When choosing a service provider Abacus offers the greatest “Return on Investment” (ROI).  Real life scenarios time and time again show that Abacus is able to perform a high level of service at a more competitive price while increasing the pay rates and benefits offered to the hard-working employees actually performing the work.

Choose Abacus and let our “Experience, Commitment & Value” work for your company!